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Biosphere 2 | Space Analogue for the Moon and Mars

SAM is a Space Analog for the Moon and Mars. This hi-fidelity, hermetically sealed habitat analog and research center is composed of a living...

Organic Transistors | University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Engineering

Laboratory of Nanoscale Energy Conversion Devices and Physics is an energetic research group at The University of Hong Kong. Their research focuses on the fundamental...

Mini Robots | University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Engineering

To develop micro- and biomimetic-robots, artificial muscles and medical devices, actuating materials that can reversibly change their volume under various stimuli are researched in...


Sabella’s D10 tidal turbine, deployed in June 2015 in the Passage du Fromveur, has started delivering its first kilowatt hours following the connection to...

Freyssinet Trairi | Concrete Towers for Onshore Wind

Freyssinet, the turnkey partner for tall concrete towers for onshore wind farms Freyssinet has developed a dedicated turnkey solution for the design and construction...

Jeumont Electric | Superconducting Magnets for Offshore Wind

Jeumont Electric has been exploring superconductivity applications for electrical rotating machines in partnership with the research organization, GREEN (Groupe de Recherche en Électrotechnique et...


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